God's Word: "Deny!"

It seems the Almighty has become bored with the grand scheme and is once again dishing out advice on business matters to His devoted prophets.

Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts, says God is speaking again, telling him to deny lurid allegations in a lawsuit.

Yup, the Supreme Creator can't let a 44 year old college get embroiled in a legal scandal that could threaten to expose it's saintly President as a corrupt scoundrel so He's taken on the case personally. Although, His Holiness may not be entirely clean in the matters Himself as he has a history of financial interests in Oral Robert's University in which He threatened Oral himself that he would "Meet his maker" if he didn't round up $8 million dollars and establish this college in his name. Fortunately Robert's followers managed to scrounge up the payoff and saved Mr. Robert's from the crushing grip of God's henchman, a 900 foot tall Jesus.

Most importantly though, we can all rest assured that this institution of "Higher" learning is in God's hands.


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Well said, my friend; an interesting angle with many facets glinting. I applaud your ability to keep your wits about you on your journey when everyone else there has already "lost they minds."

    I really appreciate you dropping by and leaving the kind words about my writing. I used to blog as The Psychotic Patriot, but I dumped 800 posts and several hundred links to focus on finishing the music I'd left behind long ago. It's in the sidebar.

    As that project matured into Mp3 output, I was drawn back to the writing again, and set up the new blog. I like it ever so much more.

    But tonight is more original music, a tricky acoustic/electric piece with a vocal chorus. Dunno much more than that; I'm learning to let the tones tell me what they want to be.


  2. That was beautiful and I could tell it was straight from your heart. I share your feeling on every point. It made me sad to read it but happy to know there are others out in the world who feel exactly the way I do.

    Have a lovely weekend! And yes I did come here as the result of a comment you made this morning on crooks and liars :)

  3. Absolutely love your blog. You have a wonderful way with words.

    I can so identify with this entry. My family is originally from Hawaii and most of my relatives still live there. My aunt had her beachhouse up for sale a few years ago and was offered a lot of money for it by a company that wanted to tear it down and build an exclusive resort there. Needless to say she still lives there because she refuses to sell now.

    Our beautiful world is being destroyed -- is this the paradise it's meant to be?