Ignite The Fire

Living day to day
building walls we call ourselves
spending time and saving wealth
ignoring the price we pay.

History repeats itself.
How do we redeem ourselves?
Walls will crumble, lives are lost
waiting for a new day.

Feel the moments passing by
waiting for the right time
to do what we should have done.

A moment in time
is all this will ever be.
Everything we fight for
is nothing but history.

A moment in time,
a cry in the night,
hoping for a better way
before we die.

There's no fortune to be found,
no shining mansion on a hill,
nothing bought can save your self.

Hold one another tight,
ignite the fire deep inside,
love and live the best you can,
you're just a memory in the end.

Indigenous children jumping of a pier on Rama Island, Nicaragua.

_   _   _   _   _